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Credit despite unemployment

A loan despite unemployment is not easy to obtain. The lender will check on a case-by-case basis whether the collateral submitted is sufficient for lending. In any case, a conversation with the house bank should be conducted.

If unemployment has occurred recently, is not associated with a credit entry, and bank customers were otherwise always reliable in their repayments, at least a disposition credit for the checking account is possible. The employee at the bank decides here as a rule according to the respective individual case.

Guarantor and high lending rates on unemployment

Guarantor and high lending rates on unemployment

Obtaining an installment loan to meet special consumer needs is difficult when unemployed. Collateral such as a car, a passbook or a property is helpful. Hardly any credit can be obtained if the applicant has been unemployed for some time and is receiving homeless recipient.

Since creditworthiness and collateral are lacking here, the risk for the lender is too great. Offers on the Internet, which offer such a loan despite unemployment, should be checked exactly for their seriousness. If such a credit is established, the interest is much higher than normally demanded. Some banks also require a guarantor who has to repay the loan in the event of insolvency.

To receive a so-called Swiss credit despite unemployment is excluded. Although the banks in Switzerland do not ask credit in Germany before granting the loan, they demand a regular salary as collateral. Unemployment benefits are not recognized as salary because they are below the attachment limit. However, the Swiss banks require credit in the form of higher regular income to be able to seize the account in case of non-payment of the credit installments.

Personal loan as a possible alternative

Personal loan as a possible alternative

Anyone who becomes unemployed and urgently needs a loan in the period could possibly ask a person of trust to take out a loan. It is then a personal agreement as to how the loan is subsequently transferred. For smaller sums, such a procedure is practicable in order to be able to close short-term financial gaps caused by unemployment. If a family member, acquaintance or friend is financially capable of doing so, he can also directly grant a personal loan.

Such a loan on a private basis despite unemployment is a matter of trust, the repayment is regulated individually, interest rates are very often eliminated. A personal loan is also available on special platforms on the Internet. Well-funded private individuals offer loans for specific projects and business ideas at mostly favorable conditions. If an unemployed there presents a new business idea for starting a business, he could be quite successful. Here the persuasive power and the respectable appearance decide whether a loan is to be obtained despite unemployment.

Loan application to the Employment Agency

Loan application to the Employment Agency

Even through employment agencies and job centers, a loan can be obtained despite unemployment. This is possible, for example, with urgent purchases such as a new washing machine or a refrigerator. Such a loan is granted interest-free according to the file situation and deducted from the recipient in installments from the monthly standard rate.

Even those who receive homeless recipient can receive such a loan. The employment agency also advises unemployed start-up entrepreneurs on how they can receive a loan despite unemployment in the event of the prospect of success. Here, however, a very good concept for the project should be presented in order to obtain a corresponding loan.

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